Don’t Kill The Dream

Perhaps the most profound visionary that I have ever met has to be Shaykh Safi Khan of Dar-us-Salaam (which incidentally happens to be my Masjid:). He has such a profound vision for the future of Islam that one can’t help but be awed. Over the years, he’s had multiple quotes dealing with the whole idea of dreaming and having a vision, and I thought I would share a couple:

Don’t Kill The Dream, Just Execute it“.

Kill and execute are synonymous – At the end of the day, do either one of these, and the guy dies (lol). But in this context, it means something else; killing a dream means doing away with it. Executing it means putting it into practice as soon as possible.

Just how to ‘execute’ the dream?

“Goals are nothing more than dreams with deadlines”

Shaykh Safi had mentioned this at a meeting with all the staff and teachers of Al-Huda School, Maryland. One of the reasons that he was mentioning this was because he was encouraging everyone to have a special project of their own that doesn’t necessarily have to do with work – just something that you really enjoy and are willing to put quality time into making it successful. These special projects should however have goals because they are merely dreams with deadlines – To really get things moving, you should have goals so that you can see tangible results and will be more inspired to move on with that special dream.

What is your special dream that you want to benefit the Muslim Ummah with?