Quick Gem: Seize the Opportunity!

From the Khutbah “Thanking Allah for Ramadan” by Naseeb Khan given on September 18, 2009 at Masjid Muttaqeen.

During the Prophet’s time, there was a man and an orphan that both had gardens next to each other. They’d both loved their gardens, but there was a problem. There was a tree between the gardens and there was a debate on whose tree it was. The orphan loved that tree and wanted it. They went to the Prophet (SAW) to rule on it. After all the measurements and such were made, it was ruled that the tree actually was part of the man’s garden.

The orphan was so sad as he’d loved that tree. The Prophet (S) had a moment of sympathy and told the man that if he would give that little orphan the tree, then he would make du’a to Allah to give the man a garden in Jannah.

In the moment, the man wanted the tree so much, in his  arrogance he refused the offer and kept the tree.

While this was happening, another companion, Abu Darda (R) overheard this and immediately began seeking that garden in Jannah. He asked the prophet (S) if that offer was still up, if he could get that tree for the orphan, would he have that du’a for the garden in Jannah? The prophet said yes.

Abu Darda immediately seized that opportunity and asked the man that if he gave him his own garden, filled with date palm trees and such, would give him possession of that one tree? The man agreed and said he didn’t need that tree, and an extra garden is what he’d rather have.

Abu Darda came home to his garden, where his child was eating dates from the tree and he came frantic saying to drop everything, this isn’t our garden, I’VE SOLD IT TO ALLAH! I’VE SOLD IT TO ALLAH!

That man who’d lost out on the opportunity chose a garden on Earth over a garden in Jannah. Subhanallah, if you noticed, he’s “the man” while the person that seized that opportunity is who refer to as “Abu Darda”. The man’s name wasn’t recorded or remembered, though we remember Abu Darda. This is because he was the one who’d tried to take every opportunity he could to get to Jannah. Are you seizing all of your opportunities?

NOTE: This was only one story of the khutbah, the rest of it was about being thankful to Allah for Ramadan and generally taking a more deep interest in our deen.

SOURCE FOR THE STORY (as referenced by the speaker).