Do Not Waste Your Wealth 

Imam Tahir Anwar

From Halal Tube:

Theme: Money & Discussion of the beginning of Surah Isra’

  • There are certain ayahs for all of humankind and others only for believers.
  • Certain situations may be faced in which the person feels that Allah is talking directly to them.
  • Allah always begins His Decrees by reminding us that we should worship him alone.
  • The Prophet said, “Beware of living sumptuously because the true believers of Allah do not live like that”.
  • According to a Hadith, the servant of wealth is an individual is one that the Prophet despised.
  • As long as the wealth stays in our pockets and does not enter our hearts, we will be successful.
  • Three things will follow an individual to the graveyard. Two things will return and only one will stay. The three are money, family members, and deeds. The money and family members will leave, but the deeds will stay.
  • A man once came to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallam and asked for charity. The Prophet asked him if he had any posessions, and the man said yes; he had a bull. The Prophet made him bring it, auctioned it, gave the money to the man, and said, “Buy yourself an axe and work to make your living.” Moral: Make do with what you have.
  • Allah knows what is in your souls and is well aware of everything that you are doing. You can deceive your parents, friends, employees, and employers, but you cannot deceive Allah.
  • Earn from Halal money and spend from Halal money.
  • Do not be stingy, nor stretch it forth too much = spend moderately