Double E: Eman & Energy 

Abdur Rahman Chao

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During the Olympics (this lecture happened during that time), one sees that before they do the ‘clean jerk’, they start screaming and barking. Right before tennis players serve, they start skipping around the court. The reason they do this is to enhance and increase their level of alertness and activeness in them.

Surah Nahl

Allah also talks about this energy we have. He talks about the day and night in Surah Nahl:

Faalikul Isbaah – Allah describes this as the sunrise that is totally removing the darkness – when you see the sun rays coming out, all of the darkness just leaves, as if the night was split asunder with a ray of sunlight.

Wa ja’alal laila sakana – And Allah created the night as a time for rest.

Wash shamsa wal qamara husbana – The sun and the moon are two things that are used to measure time.

…so why did Allah create the day and night in separate proportions? If a person does not sleep at night and use it for rest and reinvigoration, you will find this person very lazy the next morning and is very much against the physical nature when one stays up all night and sleeps during the day because we are not nocturnal creatures. Day is for work, and night is for rest. We are not talking about people with night shifts, but people who just choose to stay up at night. (More …)