Quick Gem: Surah Yaseen’s Protection 

Imam Izhaar, at Masjid Jama’at Al-Mu’mineen, 9-13-09

A small gem I got from the tafseer talk before ‘Isha tonight. I actually took notes on my iPod touch. 🙂

When Quraish’s youth came to kill the Prophet (S) in Makkah, and they surrounded his home, with ‘Ali (R), he picked up a handful of dirt (or dust), then recited the first few ayaat of Surah Yaseen, and then blew the dust into the air. Those particles of dust went in the eyes of the attackers, and temporarily blinded them allowing Muhammad (S) to walk right past them without them seeing him. Those verses protected the Prophet (S) from death and allowed him to escape to Madinah.

What do you think?


p.s. Thanks to brother Arif, the source for this story is in Ibn Hisham, Vol. Pp. 480-83.