Quick Gem: Desks in a room… 

Muhammad Chowdhury (from Chicago, Illinois)

A small anecdotal gem from a small talk I’d heard tonight at the masjid. The brother was visiting from an Islamic institute in Chicago, but unfortunately he didn’t mention the name.

Imagine a large and wide room. It’s filled with a whole set of desks. And sitting at each of those desks are students. And in front of those students are papers. And in each of their hands, are pencils. And they are writing on the paper with a great fury and focus. They are all taking a test. This test is of such a great magnitude that it will determine each of their futures and the rest of their lives.

Now imagine yourself as one of those students. And all that you can muster to write down is your name. After that, you can’t understand any of the questions at all. And you’re stuck, alone.
And all of a sudden, you feel a hand on your shoulder, and you hear the voice of a person who says that they will help you. They will not only help you, but they will give you the correct answers. Not only that but this person says they’ll make sure that you will succeed even after this test. Would you refuse this person’s help?

Many ‘Ulamah classify this test as, the Dunyah (world). And the person coming to your aid is none other than the Nabi (prophet) of Allah, salallahu ‘alayhi wasallam (peace and blessings be upon him). He has received the answers straight from Allah and provides it to you with his sunnah. Will you refuse this answer key to life? Will you neglect it and fail your test? Allahu ‘Alam.